I’ve been processing a quote I read this week where the author was talking about lives, our lives, and what it means to own it.

It kind of stopped me…

“Loyalty is not stupidity.”

A lot of us, including me, live in this world where we believe to be loyal is to be present at all times and through whatever situations, whether that be in a work environment, relationships, friendships, whatever.

But as I have been processing, how many times do we confuse or mask stupidity with loyalty?

Let’s be honest, some of the people we become loyal to don’t have our backs or truly care about what happens outside of their box, their world.

So this week, where does your loyalties lie and do they deserve to lie there?

Loyalty can be beautiful and even some example of sacrificial love.

But don’t allow stupidity to creep in, where you become less of who you were made to be in order to fill an obligation, a void or a need.

For stupidity has teeth…and when bitten, hurts like a mother.

Now, if I could just live what I wrote.