I grew up in a family where we were taught to see the best in people. See their hearts. See them for not who they tried to pretend to be, but who they are in the inside. Who they want to be.

As a kid, I watched my dad bring people into his office, our car, our house and even our family. Each time, he and my mother treated them like family, like someone worthy of their time. It’s hard, when you grow up in that, to not model that in your own life. To desire to love people just like that, because in fact, we are called to do that.

I really try to see the best in people. I could give some church reason like “that’s what Jesus does,” or some other silly “why,” but it simply comes down to the fact that my parents modeled that for me. To give everything you have to others.

But when it comes down to it, there are problems with going all in…

You sometimes risk more than you are rewarded

You have to love without borders

You become open for hurt

You have to come out of comfort zones

You have to take scary steps that take you out of your normal and into something new

You have to trust

You realize that instead of signs, God puts people in your path to change your direction

You have to overcome not just plain fear, but the fear of the unknown

You have to sometimes follow your heart

You have to be transparent and open

Sometimes you have to live on the edge

But not going all in…that could be catastrophic. Life becomes this day-to-day operation where you battle “what ifs” and “I wish I would have.”

Just for today, even if it’s small, go all in on something.