My name is Chris Diggs and I am proud to say I am from the great city of Louisville, Kentucky where creativity reigns supreme and the food and spirits flow abundantly. I am a follower first, a dad second to the most rad little four-year old in the world and a designer third.

I have been designing for over a decade but we can forget some of the early years. Man, those were some rough and ugly design years. I got into design when I was 20, finding the mundane task of chasing a History degree a little boring to say the least. So I started trying things, bothering some of the people I looked up to while also trying to find my own style. Design has given me a career without boundaries, without a box and definitely a freedom to be meā€¦someone who sees the world in colors (lots of them) and shapes and not for what things are, but what they could be.

This journal is a little something for me to step away from the colors and to kind of open up my heart in a bit of a different way. It’s therapy sometimes. And it’s raw and honest most of the time.

More than all of that, this is me.

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