SIX Six years you’ve been my roommate, my best friend, my mini me, my happiness, my frustration and on some days, my rock. And my goodness, has the transition into little girl has begun. I’ve got bottles of nail polish and chapstick, because you know we aren’t stepping into that world of lipstick quite yet, all over the place. I have a flat iron in the bathroom that I pretend every morning I know how to use but is mostly just me praying I don’t burn a chunk of hair out of your head as I tame the morning hair beast. There is a stash of hair bows, some are hideous Jovi, that I still can’t figure out how to get them to stay in your hair on some days. And those silly hair ties, they are dumb. They are too small for me to figure out with my fingers.…Continue Reading
Today, you turn five. Five… Jovi, please stop growing. Please stop showing the signs of maturity, the ability to do so much on your own, the independence, being friends with boys…all of it. Stay right here, this age, this size. I can deal with your bad mood days, the constant “why daddy?” and Taylor Swift blaring throughout the house. I can’t deal with knowing you are growing into an independent girl, full of life and personality and a laugh that, for that brief moment, shows me a glimpse of what heaven will one day be like. You don’t always need me like you used to and that’s hard to get used to. So for now, I find joy in the little things. In these moments, I treasure our trips at night to take a bath with you rocking out from above on my shoulders, reaching ever so long to try and touch…Continue Reading
I’ve been processing a quote I read this week where the author was talking about lives, our lives, and what it means to own it. It kind of stopped me… “Loyalty is not stupidity.” A lot of us, including me, live in this world where we believe to be loyal is to be present at all times and through whatever situations, whether that be in a work environment, relationships, friendships, whatever. But as I have been processing, how many times do we confuse or mask stupidity with loyalty? Let’s be honest, some of the people we become loyal to don’t have our backs or truly care about what happens outside of their box, their world. So this week, where does your loyalties lie and do they deserve to lie there? Loyalty can be beautiful and even some example of sacrificial love. But don’t allow stupidity to creep in, where you…Continue Reading
One of my favorite movies growing up was Mrs. Doubtfire. I mean, how could you not like it? A dude, dressed as a woman, an old and ugly one at that, spends the time with his children he is afraid he will miss after a bitter divorce. It was an absolutely hilarious movie, especially for a 12 year old. But as it was told to the world last night that Robin Williams had died, and not to the hands of an ugly disease or a violent crime, but at the hands of himself, I begin to kind of process the whole situation. Depression is real. It’s significant. And it is crippling. I did what everyone does after a tragedy hits…I got on Twitter. The tributes, movie lines, images and sadness poured out, tweet after tweet after tweet. Each wondering how someone like this could fall into such a pit that the…Continue Reading
One of the cool things I get to do is the graphics for the church I attend here in Louisville, on UofL’s campus (I know, I know, but those people need Jesus too.) The new series coming up is called ‘Me to We.’ I don’t know the content in this series, and I normally don’t. I just create. But as I was finishing up this series, I got to thinking about what ‘We to Me’ meant to me. And my mind went back to Tuesday night at The Family Scholar House, where our Missional Community serves monthly. This particular night, the kids of the community there had taken the huge foam blue blocks that are scattered in three huge bins and made a very impressive car. A car that turned into a bus, and then before long, a tractor trailer. Not because they wanted to make it bigger, but because there…Continue Reading
Working on a project, I was given this quote. Three words…powerful. Your story is a wonderful one. Even more, the story encapsulates it all. It’s a work of multiple chapters, sections. More for myself now than anything else, but your story is much bigger than that failed chapter. Don’t focus on it. Keep writing it. And never be afraid to let people read it. Allow them to identify with the main character, make that bond and be better for it. Trust it.
The other day, a friend and I were having a conversation about what we would say to our fifteen year younger self if we could. If we could sit down, write a letter, fire up the ole’ flux capacitor and send Einstein (the dog, not the person) back in time with a note around his neck, what would the words say? As I started thinking about it, there were tons of things that flooded in. Fifteen years ago, I was an 18-year old kid coming out of high school with absolutely no idea what I was going to do in my life. Literally. No clue. I knew I had to go to school because that’s what you were supposed to do, possibly looking into the ministry because that is the family lineage, but as far as what I was really going to do with my life, I had no idea, no plan and…Continue Reading
As my last blog post stated, I had to put down our pal and Great Dane Maike two weeks ago because of spleen cancer. Two weeks later, it’s still hard. It’s still difficult to walk into the house and not hear her yawn, or tail knocking into everything in her room. It’s hard not to dodge her bolting through the house or the slobber that came flowing from that girl when she shook. When I put Maike down, Jovi was in Florida at Disney World. So I was so not looking forward to this moment, when I had to tell her what happened. When that time came, I told her that Maike got sick and died. Her eyes glazed for a minute. You could see her trying to process. But some of her questions, comments and answers were great…as usual with Jovi. Here is the list: So after being told,…Continue Reading
The last days of anything are usually stressful. The last days before you move. The last days at an old job. The last days as a single person. Even the last days before a child. But nothing compares to the last days before the end. The real end. Nearly seven years ago, I welcomed this small, black baby giant into my life that would forever change me. In the last 6+ years, she’s shown me friendship, gratitude and how caring for something more than yourself truly works, even before Jovi came around. Through it all, we have battled torsion, which nearly took her life at six months old, a terrible gastrointestinal system, a tail we had to cut more than a foot off of and life changes that affected us both…but the one thing that remained constant was us. Together. Maike has been family to me. At 125 pounds and nearly…Continue Reading
A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog on what happens when your comfortable goes away. In my case, it was my job. It was a good paying job in an awesome environment with people I had grown to love. But the economy isn’t in the best place, and being a contractor, I was one of the first to go. I completely get it. No hard feelings. Plus, I still get to hang out and work with them a few days a month, which I’m sure is all of me that they can handle. For the past 45 days, I have been freelancing. In terms that people who don’t do this kind of work, it means waking up every day, hustling your butt off, not having normal hours and watching your emails explode on a daily basis. But it’s been a blast. Sure, there are days I wonder if…Continue Reading